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Bringing Technology       Closer to You.

Computer Works Uganda is your Number 01 Partner in providing efficient and Low-Cost Technology Solutions as well as Products.

We provide you with fully-fledged Sales and Service of desktop computers, laptops, peripherals and accessories. Hey, know that each part you buy from us it goes with a guarantee. We value your money and we value our name therefore, be rest assured for any services you acquire from CWU

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Welcome to Computer Works Uganda

As the popularity of computer language and services continues to grow at an exponential rate, easy, flexible and affordable service is required.

Computer works Uganda is a preeminent pioneer in softening life for computer users. We sale Brand New Computer, Refurbished and customized Pc (Assembled). We design, develop, maintain and servicing websites. We set up, service, maintain and repair computer networks. We rent computers for workshops. We collect unused computer equipment from government, private or personal offices or homes. and we offer computer hands on training skills, software development skills, application and database management.

Computer Works Uganda is a Microsoft authorized Education reseller and is helping to empower success of everybody by helping to make the best investment possible in IT solutions for everyone’s company, schools, organization and all at ago. Microsoft Authorized Education Resellers are specially trained and authorized to sell Microsoft Corporation education products and software licenses.

CWU, we have vast experience in making sure our client get the best prices possible for all products for IT solutions, including Microsoft Corporation products especially resources for academics.

Our Microsoft Authorization Education Reseller number is V83078 , Information Technology is fast changing and ever evolving. Every company should pride itself on keeping pace with the latest in computing & networking technologies.

Computer Works believes that it is our responsibility to learn, understand and evaluate new technology and outsource, supply, advice, Train ICT users as well bring technology closer to everybody.